Reduce data consumption on your android phone using Data-saver

Imaging you subscribed for 100 naira data plan, because you wanted to search for something on, after opening your data connectivity without launching your browser, then surprisingly! You received a notification that your subscription has been exhausted, but why?

This is because some app on the background are using your internet without you noticing it, but the good news is, you can control and stop the reoccurrence of the situation by activating DATA SAVER .

What is data saver?

This help to reduce data usage in an android phone. By allowing only the foreground app (launched app) to send or receive data.

Let understand what is foreground and background data first.

What is foreground data?

Foreground data refers to data use by an actively launched app,

What is Background Data?

Background data refers to the data use by app that is running in the background, sometimes you will notice if you open your internet connection, various notification will be coming into your phone from Whatsapp, twitter, FB, messenger and other before you even launch them. This is possible because they run in the background. And they will consume your data causing additional charges.

The background data allow the programs or app running on the background to make use of the internet access on the phone, this means even if you did not launch a particular app but it happens that it is running in the background, the phone will allow it access to your mobile data.

But you can control that by disabling the background data.

Disable background data

If you disabled the background data, this will restrict all app in the background from consuming your data.

Follow the steps to activate data saver in your android Smartphone

Activating Data Saver (Disable Background Data).

  • Tab on settings menu.
  • Locate and tab Network & internet.
  • Tab Data usage.
  • Then tab Data saver to toggle On or Off

(“ON” disable background Data while “OFF” enable Background data)


 When you enable DATA SAVER, You will not be able to see any notification from inactive app.

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