Fast charging tips for your Smartphone

Sometimes it is really frustrating when your phone charges slowly, especially when you are in a hurry.

These are tips that will guide you to the best ways to charge your phone safely and quickly.

Use Original charger

For the best performance, use the charger that comes together with your phone, but in the case of not having it, make sure you use original charger and USB cable from the manufacturer of your phone, or if it is from a different maker (third-party company), then it should be approved or recommended by your phone’s company .

And it must have the same power rating as your previous charger that comes together with your phone.

Choose to use Charger adaptor over USB ports from other devices.

You should always choose to use your charger over USB ports from another device like computer, DVD player and other devices, as such will charger fast, prolong your battery lifespan and will not drain easily.

Some good charging adapters charge at 1.5 amps, 1.8 amps or 2.0 amps. So this rating is very fast compared to the USB port that only charge at 0.5 amps. The USB port will take trice the time of the adapter to charge your phone fully.

Prefer High-power USB.

After opting for a good charger and a USB cable, try to get a charger that gives the maximum power rating on your Phone. This will provide the fastest charging experience. You should know that a low-power charger destroy the lifespan of a phones battery.  Also, note that the power rating must not exceed the recommended rate by your phone manufacturer.

Activate Airplane Mode.

By turning on Airplane (Flight Mode), all the wireless connectivity (internet, voice and others) will be disabled, and this reduces power consumption and allow the phone to perform less actions and focus on the charging.

Note that, by activating Airplane mode, you will not be able to make calls, send or receive SMSs or connect to the internet.

Charge the phone in a cool environment.

As we all know that heat is the biggest thing that destroys the life of a battery, we should try to avoid charging our phone in a hot condition. To increase the speed of charging your phone avoid warm areas, avoid charging in direct sunlight or hot closed vehicles, if it is in a protective case, remove the case for proper ventilation. These will definitely safeguard your battery and increase charging speed.

Switch off the Phone.

Sometimes, if you are in a hurry, you can switch off your phone and put it to charge. By switching off your phone, it will charge faster because at that point nothing in the phone is using the power. It is the most convenient way to charge your phone, but you will not be able to make or receive calls. I believe you already know that.

Avoid using the phone while charging,

It is advisable to avoid using the phone when it is plugged to charge. Using your phone while charge affects the battery lifespan and also takes a longer time to get fully charged.

Follow your phone’s manual for other tips from the manufacturer.

Hope the above tips are helpful.

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